An adult ram cichlids are 2 – 3inches long. For decoration, floating plants can also be used which also helps to diffuse the lighting of the tank. He’s been fond of aquarium husbandry since his early childhood. Here, you can find out everything you need to know about keeping fish and aquarium maintenance. Although in nature body length reaches about 7 cm. The Bolivian Ram cichlid grows up to 8 cm long. So, if you have an intention to buy a chichlid it’ll be a good idea to get it from the faithful seller to avoid the fish death or its turning into sad excuse for a fish shortly after it was bought. No matter how good and differently juveniles are fed one can’t obtain their fast growth. The waters should have a neutral pH and also slightly elevated temperature. Both the male as well as the female guard their eggs and also care for their young after hatching. Parrot Fish Scaridae – Everything You Need To Know. The typical clutch size of the species is around 150 to 300 eggs even though clutch sizes of even 500 eggs have been reported for these species. Earlier its scientific name was Paplilochromis ramirezi and Apistogramma ramirezi, but in 1998 it was renamed into Mikrogeophagus ramirezi. Jewel Cichlid Fish – Care, Habitat, Tank Mates And Details You Need! In such situation the water flow should be regulated more thoroughly and the substrate should be placed thoughtfully (as for direction and speed of the water flow). You should count 10 gallons for every ram cichlid. Yellow, gold and black with blue are the coloration of the head and chest with a red patch on the belly. These species is a member of the family of Cichlidae and the subfamily of Geophaginae. German Blue Ram Habitat and Tank Conditions The native populations of Ram Cichlids are from South America. The fish maximal size is up to 8 cm (3.1 in); but usually the fish males are about 6 cm (5.4 in) long, the females are a bit smaller – about 5—5,5 cm (2 in). Fallen leaves of the trees can also be used on the bottom to create an environment that is close to the wild. The aquarium can be decorated in the style of its native river in the South America. Ram Cichlid Care, Tank Mates, Size Aquarium. As a miniature carnivore, their diet is easy to follow because they are not very picky. Stable level of fish number growth are obtained at the account of timely switch of juveniles feed to the one appropriate to their age and to the tank capacity. So, it will ignore the large shrimps, but the small ones will be treated as feed. We’re happy to have you as part of our community. These fish generally stay at the bottom of the tank, which means if there are high levels of nitrate or ammonia then it is likely to affect these species. This is my favorite food to feed ram cichlids. They are a great addition to almost any aquarium because they are exceedingly peaceful. Besides german blue ram cichlid often breeds not only in the open areas, but also on the internal cave walls, flowerpots or other covers. They can also easily get along with different characins such as the bloodfin tetra, black neon tetra, neon tetra, and rummy nose tetra as well. The German Blue Ram is a small Cichlid, that will grow around 2 inches long. Boesemani Rainbowfish – Care, Size, Diet, Tank Mates & Details! As said above, there are some requirements that need meeting when you want to keep blue ram cichlid for a long time, one of which is the tank requirements. A black vertical line runs acr… The fish is a bit shy so it is important to feed it before the more brave neighbors come around. Siamese Algae Eater – Care, Feeding, Tank Mates & Details You Need! The fish prefers clean water with little flow and high oxygen content. He swims with them along the spawning pond and teaches them to feed. Maximum Size: In aquariums, Rams can grow to be about 2.5" long. The ram cichlids are sociable, peaceful and territorial fishes. During the spawning period cichlid is fed once a day with small amount of live bloodworm, white worm. These include many different types of xanthistic forms which are known as the electric blue rams or the gold rams as well as the larger and high bodied, flattened balloon form varieties. They are isn’t demanding as for the water parameters and it adapts well, but it’s sensitive to abrupt water parameters change. In a tank the fish can eat all types of live and frozen feed – blood worm, tubifex, brine shrimp. You can put fallen leaves of the trees on the bottom to create the environment close to the wild one. By this time the female is already taken out of the spawning pond. The males may reach a maximum length of about 10 cm while the females are generally smaller. German blue ram has to be fed 2-3 times a day with small portions of feed. The region “Los llanos” means flat plains in Spanish, which describes the area well. The Rams are generally found in the waters which are heavily stained with tannins as such their tanks should be populated densely and also decorated with a lot of driftwood. Creating the Proper Tank Environment Select the proper tank size. The water is also slow flowing and it contains few of the dissolved minerals and its color ranges from clear to dark stained. Choose the substrate thoughtfully. They belong to the Cichlidae family which is they largest group of freshwa… These cichlids is very peaceful, at bottom it’s one of few cichlids which can live in community tank with such small fishes tank mates as neons or guppies. As it was mentioned above the eggs left without any care are rather sensitive to external influences. After ich fry chips the temperature is gradually decreased to the common values. But it’s not exactly like this since cichlid can’t be found in Amazon river, but it is widely spread in its basin, in the rivers and streams joining the river. Essay help sites help... 5 Benefits of Fish Keeping At Home & Its Brings Wealth Too! Contrary to the name, ram cichlids originate from the Orinoco River basin in … He does it several times a day. There are several variations of this Cichlid for sale in this online store. The abdomens of the male Ram cichlids are either in orange color or in red. The German Blue Ram Cichlids do not like bright light and as such, it is advisable to have dim lights. Temperament. Some of the cichlids eat flakes and granules, but not very willingly as a rule. In the wild this fish is a bit larger – about 7 cm in length. Adult size: 3-4 inches Minimum tank size: 30 gallon pH: 6.0-7.5 Temperature: 74-78°F (23-26°C) Decor: Rocks, Driftwood, and Plants Substrate: Sand Lighting: 8-10 hrs/day Diet: Omnivore. The blue ram cichlid or otherwise commonly known as the butterfly cichlid is another of the beautiful dwarf cichlids often desired by the aquarist. It more often stays with the eggs and patrols the territory frequently. Our aim is to help educate anyone who wants to keep fish. German Blue Ram Cichlid is very colorful and sometimes more so than the fish which are bred in the tank. The fish inhabits in the South America and Amazon river is considered to be its motherland. Parents functions during this period are to waff the eggs with their fins to form the flow, eggs ventilation and sweeping away particles of dirt, removing the dead eggs and putting the fallen ones back on the substrate. The eggs take about 40 hours to hatch at 29 °C (84 °F). When it comes to their interaction with shrimps, the large ones will be ignored but the small shrimps will surely be treated as feed by the German Blue Ram Cichlid. The German Gold Ram Dwarf Cichlid will thrive in an aquarium with a sandy substrate and plenty of refuge such as clay pots, driftwood, and rock formations. Description Size Guides. Live foods such as Brine Shrimp are also accepted. The Ram Cichlid or Electric Blue Ram Cichlid is a beautiful addition to any freshwater aquarium. Sand and gravel can also be used in the bottom of the tank as the dwarf Ram cichlid likes digging in the sand. Ram is an euryphagous fish. Since the fish is rather timid it’s important for it to have its meal before its more brave neighbors come around. Ideally it’s better to use the substrate which was chosen by the fish in the community tank or the one that is maximum similar to it in its shape, color and structure. Water circulation is formed by means of long tube sprayer fastened along the narrow wall 3-4 cm away from the water surface. However, most pet stores will carry it under the name ‘German blue ram’. Your email address will not be published. If breeding happened in a community tank, the eggs are taken away together with the substrate. If you have intention to keep several couples then the tank has to be spacious and have covers, since the fish just like all cichlids sticks to its territory. Most of the males of these fish have the first few rays of the dorsal fin extended but due to breeding, it has made some of the female fish also have this feature. This species of the German Blue Ram Cichlid usually breed in soft to medium-hard waters and is an egg-laying fish. Although in nature body length reaches about 7 cm. Water layer can be not thick – 8-10 cm, since in the wild fish spawn only in fleet water. In any case the water hardness shouldn’t exceed 10°dGH, pH value should be close to the neutral one and the temperature should be not lower then 25-27 °C. As a rule it takes male and female about 2-3 days to get used to the new environment, then the breeding follows. The Blue Ram Cichlid is a stocky fish with bright grey/blue flanks. Frozen foods work too. A pair of Blue … Under careful maintenance this cichlid lives for about 4 years, which isn’t much, but for the fish of such a small size it’s a rather long time. The good tank mates for German Blue Ram Cichlids are swordtail fish, guppies, mollies, and plates. Diet: Bolivian Rams mainly stay in the bottom region of the aquarium, so sinking Cichlid pellets are often fed to them. Sand, lots of covers, flowerpots, snags and thick bushes.
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