Avoid overwetting the carpet backing during spot cleaning and rinsing. Paper toweling placed over the cleaned area and weighted with a color-fast object will help absorb resurfacing stains. Do not dry with paper towels. Stir Gently. Apply vinegar solution, rinse and blot as outline in step 1. Customer Service/Distribution Center: 200 Enterprise Drive Calhoun, GA 30701. Customer Service: 1-706-624-9385 In NY: 516-822-5878 10%, 20% & 30% off Select Rolls (carpet only) Aspre Concept is available in 7 colorwarys which include: Beige, Chrome, Dove, Ecru, Oatmeal, Platinum and Smoke. Stainmaster PetProtect residential carpet it is extremely durable, stain resistant, pet-friendly, color safe, and fade resistant, so when accidents happen, you can clean them thoroughly without worry. The shipping department at Carpet Express takes great pride in packing and shipping orders correctly. $hardSurfaceItems.trigger('owl.prev'); lazyLoad: true}).data('navigationBtns', ['#hard-surface-slider-prev', '#hard-surface-slider-next']); Save Huge on Your Flooring Project Today! 200 Enterprise Drive Stanton Carpet and rugs have always been products built to be stylish and valued for their decorative rug and carpet styles Stanton is a national leading manufacturer and importer of those carpets and decorative rugs. Customer Service/Distribution Center: 200 Enterprise Drive Calhoun, GA 30701. Stanton Carpet was established in 1980 by Sy Cohen and currently has five carpet divisions including Stanton Carpet, Antrim, Rosecore, Crescent, and Hibernia. Mohawk, Shaw, Stanton, Phenix. Tag #stantoncarpet for your chance to be featured. Turn cloth frequently. $(".next").click(function(){ Picturesque by Stanton offers a lovely floral patterned carpet available in five colorways. Huge Savings! autoHeight : true, Stainmaster PetProtect technology makes your carpet easy to clean and maintain. STAINMASTER® carpets are designed for easy care. }) Home or Office Flooring on Sale! This luxury flooring is a machine tufted carpet that is manufactured with 100% Stainmaster© Petprotect Carpet - Nylon 6,6. Use a “wet-vac” to extract liquid from the area if possible. LEARN MORE ABOUT STAINMASTER CARPET CARE. Stanton Stainmaster Pet Protect proves you don’t have to sacrifice beauty and style for functionality. Woodbury NY 11797, Customer Service/Distribution Center: Dampen the carpet fibers in the stained area with a cloth. Liquid still remains in the carpet backing or padding. slideSpeed: 600, You usually (nearly always) need 5% less pad than carpet. SAVE 40% - 70% today on all Stanton Carpet, call 603-812-8072 now! This 100% Durasilk PET Polyester carpet is offered in 16 versatile colors. Cover the spot with an absorbent towel or white paper towel and apply pressure to blot. The mission that Sy infused into Stanton Carpet was simple: provide consumers with premium wool carpet that encompasses both superior value and style. It comes in 3 rich shades, all ranging in deep, warm colors. Limit 6 per customer. Stanton Carpet - Save 30-60% at ACWG on Straw - Accra - Carpet. It has a woven polypropylene backing and a width of 12 ft. Made from 100% STAINMASTER® TruSoft™ BCF nylon Type 6,6, this durable carpet is the perfect fit for active households. Suite 100 If stain remains, proceed to step 2 (for coffee, tea or urine, skip step 2 and proceed to step 3). See more ideas about stanton carpet, carpet, stanton. Affordable Fashion. Stanton Carpet, Antrim Carpet, Rosecore Carpet, Crescent Carpet and Hibernia Carpet, Corporate Headquarters: For regular maintenance tips, but sure to read through our Carpet Care Guide.We know stains happen. Call Now & Save Today! Wet the stained carpet fibers with clear, lukewarm water to rinse. Life is messy. Product Details: (function($){ var $newIntroductions = $('.new-introductions-slider.owl-carousel'); $newIntroductions.owlCarousel({ items: 5, itemsDesktop : [1199,5], itemsDesktopSmall: [979,4], itemsTablet: [768,2], itemsMobile : [479,1], slideSpeed: 600, autoPlay: 10000, stopOnHover: true, navigation: false, pagination: false, responsive: true, navigationText: false, autoHeight : true, lazyLoad: true}).data('navigationBtns', ['#new-introductions-slider-prev', '#new-introductions-slider-next']); ... Stainmaster Deluxe 7/16" 8 LB Stainmaster Deluxe with Odor Guard. Corporate Headquarters: 100 Sunnyside Blvd Extension Suite 100 Woodbury NY 11797. Fax: 516-933-8890 Divisions of Stanton Carpet Corporation include: Stanton Carpet, Antrim Carpet, Rosecore Carpet, Crescent Carpet and Hibernia Carpet. Removing dirt particles will reduce abrasion that can dull carpet fibers. In NY: 516-822-5878 Stanton Carpet has not only delivered its promise, it has excelled. Avoid saturating the carpet. pagination: false, Residual re-soiling occurs if staining substances or cleaning products are left in the carpet and attract soil. 100 Sunnyside Blvd Extension Don’t worry—there isn’t much to it. Get the Best Prices on Carpet Nationally! Do not use on coffee, tea or urine stains. From easy-to-clean carpet that’s perfect for families to extra durable carpet options that meet your pets' needs, we have a carpet for you. (function($){ Never rub, scrub or use a brush because it may damage carpet fibers. Stanton Carpet . Most household spills can be removed using the Easy 1-2-3 Spot Cleaning Method. Real estate development services, commercial real estate development Proceed to step 3 to neutralize the ammonia solution. Never rub, scrub or use a brush, Clean your carpet using hot water extraction before it shows traffic patterns. If the stain remains, proceed with steps 2 and 3. Always blot the area being cleaned. For these stains, start with step 1. Stanton Carpets, Rugs, and Runners are known for their bright patterns, lush colors, and thick quality weighted goods. For these stains, use Goo Gone. If is not unusual for stains to sometimes reappear after spot-cleaning. If necessary, use your fingertips to work the solution to the base of the stain. Wipe gently. Customer Service: 1-706-624-9385 In NY: 516-822-5878 If the stain remains, proceed with step 3. Stains will clean up easier – less hassle for you, Your carpet will look good longer because it is protected against tough stains, Personalized stain-removal assistance from the experts at the Scotchgard™ Service Center, Place mats inside and outside entrances to trap oil before it can be tracked into your home. Corporate Headquarters: 100 Sunnyside Blvd Extension Suite 100 Woodbury NY 11797. Legend Maze carpet style is made in USA by Stanton Carpet Mills. Removing dirt particles will reduce abrasion that can dull carpet fibers. Customer Service/Distribution Center: 200 Enterprise Drive Calhoun, GA 30701. When those adventures get messy, STAINMASTER ® PetProtect ® carpet is ready, featuring built-in stain protection against even the most beastly pet stains. If the stain is gone, place an absorbent towel or white paper towel over the area cleaned, and weigh towels down with a heavy, color-fast object, such as a weighted plastic wastebasket. Nylon yarn will give you a comfortable soft feeling and at the same time make your carpet last for a number of years. Mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 2 cups of water. All Rights Reserved. Stanton boasts three fantastic product lines of branded carpet and rugs. }) Legend Maze is ideal for pet friendly homes. We’ll help you find the perfect carpet or luxury vinyl flooring for your home. 100% Durasilk PET Polyester Available in 12' width Pile Height - 28/32" 65 oz weight We apologize for the inconvenience, but … Custom sized rugs available up to the full width of the carpet without a seam in any size length. We bought a Stanton Cedara carpet in the "Anywhere Collection"----billed as an indoor/outdoor carpet that was very expensive because the fiber is 100% UV stabilized Royaltron Polypropylene. Aspire Concept is a residential patterned carpet from Stanton that is machine tufted and made with 100% Stainmaster PetProtect Nylon 6,6. This durable carpet … //
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