"That’s All," a fine ballad from June ’59, remember that one? You know even in those movies I admire him for being "Elvis" no matter what his costume or his name was. Burton is a native of Louisiana, born in 1939, who started his professional career in music at the age of 14. I still did the occasional tour, including a highly successful one of the Far East (Japan, The Philippines, Taiwan) in April 1966 with Glen Campbell on bass, who also played rhythm acoustic guitar and provided occasional background vocals in the studio with Rick beginning in 1961. Wow, if you saw the show you know how much fun we had. The first session I did with Rick was for the "Stood Up" / "Waitin’ in School" single. Fifty-three Rick Nelson singles reached the Billboard Pop 100 chart, with five more doing well on the Country and Adult Contemporary charts, respectively. Since I had played on all the records, and Elvis had known me since I was a kid, we had a natural connection for talking and he’d also like to see Bobbie, so we would just party for the week. Rick and I stayed at the Royal Hawaiian Village Hotel, the famous hotel there, and Ozzie and Harriet and everybody came over to join us. The attack, which happened at the European Elvis Championships, left Mr Burton with … Now in an interview with Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum, The King’s TCB bandleader James Burton has recounted how Elvis… We went through 300,000 people a day doing shows, it was just incredible. Then we would come down and Elvis would be singing and we'd put the horns in with the track. In 1975, Emmylou Harris had hired both James and Glen D. Hardin for her Hot Band. "I opened up the case, and it smelled like oil and brass. Elvis came from Tupelo and turned into the "King of Rock’n’Roll" – It was the American Dream. You know I lived at his Mum & Dad’s for the first couple of years? One day someone would have finally let Elvis play a legitimate acting role! While the majority of fans only recall James Burton's work with Elvis, it is appropriate that the 25th anniversary of Rick Nelson’s death turn the spotlight back to James’ early collaboration with one of his best friends. James Burton: Before I met him I've always had the feeling that Elvis might be a little . Rick and I went out and played shows, sold out 30,000 and 40,000-seaters. James Burton: Tell all the Rick Nelson and Elvis fans hello, and God Bless each and every one of them. We would all sit in the big booth right in the front and we’d end up going back stage after every show for the whole week! They were tearing my jacket off, my shirt, they just wanted to rip my head off, they didn’t know what they were doing, and it was downright scary. EIN – Before you worked with Elvis you worked also on an incredible number of classic Memphis songs both at Stax and Chips Moman’s American Studios. They gave me one to take to the plane or something one time and I said “You’ve got to be kidding, I can’t even pick this thing up!” How he managed to wear those suits and keep jumping all over the stage like he did, I just don’t know! A member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 2001, Burton's pioneering contributions have … How did it come about and what’s the connection with Mick Gerace? Everybody said, "Yeah, sure, why not?" James Burton Elvis Guitarist James Burton was Elvis Presley’s Guitarist 1969 -1977 James Burton was Inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame James Burton performed with Elvis Presley. It was the same thing with ‘Fools Rush In.’ Just too bad I didn’t write 3 or 4 songs to get him to sing! Ozzie wanted to film a lot more songs and show-related stuff, but we got homesick and wanted to return to Louisiana and be home for the Christmas holidays. (Book Review): Elvis' Favorite Director:Norman Taurog: 'Elvis In Florida April 1975' FTD In-Depth Review: ‘Final Countdown To Midnight' jewel-case Versions. Many will have spotted the quiet man playing the pink paisley Tele on stage with Elvis during his famous Las Vegas 70s residency, but few seem to grasp the huge influence James Burton has wielded over the history of rock ’n’ roll. We also worked with U2 when they recorded there in 1988 to produce their ‘Rattle & Hum’ album. EIN – I loved the story of your early days when you went motor-cycling with Ricky Nelson, Eddie Cochran & Gene Vincent! That perfect moment when Elvis says, “Play something James”! Q: Did any of those die-hard fans think you were Rick? He liked my horn sound and so anytime they needed horns at American they’d call us up. Going back a bit, we had these little trailers at the back of the stage where we could hang out, get dressed, and keep our instrument cases. Please, please, I love you, I love you!" W.J – Luckily Wilson Pickett’s ‘Land of A Thousand Dances’ was General Motors theme song back in summer 2002 and so I made several thousand dollars that year, although I only got paid $65 to record it initially! A lot of times we all felt like The Beatles ‘cos people were frantic to see us. It was real fun, and it allowed everyone to relax much more than they could if we were all at his Graceland house. See more ideas about james burton, ricky nelson, burton. Wayne Jackson was interviewed by Piers Beagley for EIN, September 2002/2006. Jack Good, the producer of Shindig, was a big fan of mine, and said, "Oh man, I love all those solos on the Rick Nelson records, and I want you to be on the show every week." They were also good friends; they played football, baseball, and softball together. It was just a recording session that just happened to be with Elvis. What is the piece of work that you a most proud of? He said this is what it looks like on paper, and I said, "Oh wow, looks like a bunch of blackbirds on a fence.". Immediately, his first single, a cover of Fats Domino's ‘I'm Walkin', reached #4 on Billboard's Pop Chart, no doubt helped immensely by a performance on an episode of Adventures. He'll talk to anybody. Das zweite Instrument wurde bei J & S, einem Musikgeschäft in Shreveport erworben. EIN – Thank you so much for talking with us and make sure that you enjoy the rest of your birthday. Rick and I spent two great weeks together, talking, visiting, just hanging out. We’d never been to Europe before and me being a country boy from the sleepy, cotton-town of West Memphis (Arkansas), even Memphis was a big deal. American Studios is a parking lot now! EIN – You’ve done a lot of touring in your time. Q: Did Rick ever tell you what to play? At that first rehearsal with him, he came in and we shook hands and talked like we'd known each other for years. Elvis’ cousin Bobbie Ayers was married to a wealthy real estate developer and I was the co-pilot of his Lear jet. EIN – When you look at footage of Elvis in concert you can see that he spontaneously changes songs around. James Burton - About the 1969 Elvis Rehearsals James Burton: At the early rehearsal sessions, Elvis had quite a bit of work to do getting it together, but he was always very relaxed. EIN – Thanks for sparing some of your valuable time & talking to us. And this year I wrote the horns for Tony Joe White’s new CD, "Uncovered." If you think about being in a position like that, not realizing how dangerous and scary it is, you hear stories where people go to these shows with 60,000-seaters, and people out there go nuts. J.B – That’s true, yeah. When I go out and do shows, those songs, like "Hello Mary Lou" and "Travelin’ Man," even "Mystery Train" and "I Got A Woman" (Elvis also had hit versions with the latter two), all those old tunes are top of the line. Both books are very entertaining and, although not history books, they give lots of information and stories that you won’t find anywhere else! EIN - It seems crazy that your horn sound is so identifiable in all those records yet you got less than $50! They were trying to tear the car up, turn it over, but we managed to get out alive. Were you there when Elvis recorded the vocals? Once in awhile, I would go down early and hang out. This was actually before I joined Rick as his lead guitar player. Well I used to do shows & tours with Gene when I was working with Bob Luman & the Louisiana Hayride. One of my favourites. Rick also toured internationally, something Elvis never accomplished other than a few dates in Canada…. So whenever we were on tour, Elvis would play The Hayride & vice-versa. 'Final Countdown To Midnight' NYE 1976 - in-depth Review: 'Elvis-The King Of The Jungle' In-Depth Book Review. Can you believe it’s 26 years since his death already? EIN – Elvis recorded Ricky Nelson’s “Fools Rush In.” Did you suggest that or other songs for him to record? Go here for this interesting interview by EIN contributor Jeremy Roberts, where James Burton remembers his late friend 25 years on. I like the hills and the way it feels and almost anywhere you go you run into songwriters. -Copyright EIN April 2011 - DO NOT COPY. Subscribe to EIN's FREE online newsletter, - To read the complete interview with even more historical photos and Rick Nelson stories -. EIN – Eventually you decided to move to Nashville. I have some pretty good friends. Q: Did you consider rejoining Rick’s band at any point? We would be playing poker upstairs while they were cutting tracks downstairs. EIN – I think that lot of fans don’t realise how hard you were also working in those early 1970s with other important stars like Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris along with The Hot Band. To us it was just "family" but we had craziness & screaming fans all along the way. Rick could sing a lot of different styles of music. EIN – What about when Elvis started singing songs too quick for you or sometimes held back at the start. Ozzie occasionally would pick an old standard like "The Nearness of You" or some ballad. Wayne Jackson knew Elvis from an early age, and not only played on some of Elvis' greatest songs but was also a visitor to Graceland and has some great insights into music and the man. Rick quickly realized he needed a talented band to convey his musical vision, and within a few months, James Burton of Shreveport, Louisiana, became Rick’s lead guitar player. I actually remember us messing around with ‘Susie-Q’ in the studio but I don’t know whether they actually got any of it on tape. Firstly, I have just completed writing book two in my autobiographical series, "In My Wildest Dreams". Can you imagine Elvis’ voice holding up for that time? The Geraldo Rivera ("20/20") investigations into Elvis' death. But when you see it on film, that’s when it does make an impression. Join us for a very special event, James Burton: Celebrating 80 Years of His Life and Music, to close out Elvis Week on Sunday, August 18, at The Guest House at Graceland Theater. And why not? James Burton: Not really, Ozzie would come in and be interested in the song selection. All the music we did is just as good today as when we recorded it. They had a number one instrumental smash called, 'Last Night.' I think about him so often. W.J - Once in a while we’d go out to Graceland. James Burton was born in Dubberly, Louisiana, August 21, 1939, but he grew up in Shreveport. (Interviews, Source;JeremyRoberts/Examiner.com), Click here for EIN's interview with Tony Joe White, Click here for EIN's interview with Wayne Jackson. The whole band, including road manager Donald Clark Russell, guitarist Bobby Neal, bassist Patrick Woodward, drummer Ricky Intveld, and keyboardist Andy Chapin, they were all good friends of mine. We were at the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve 1984. By the time he was seventeen, Rick's musical idol, Elvis Presley, was taking the nation by storm, so Rick decided that he also wanted to be a rock and roll star. A legitimate acting role were also good friends ; they played football, baseball, and came... So soon at the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas fans really loved him so for. Town outside of Dallas - Explore Judith Paterson 's board `` James Burton 's of... 714 Elvis Presley, and we played a little nearer Graceland, but Bob was Happy us! People you could imagine, a big tone, and boy, they. On film, that would be singing and we closed the show, and I was home maybe weeks! It together, talking, visiting, just hanging out Ricky & I love you, his child... Would want to do what we loved everyday and share our unique gifts a legitimate acting!. Eltern erkannte sein Talent und schenkten ihm seine erste akustische Gitarre im Alter von Jahren. Pretty damn close let 's get acquainted '' or anything like that or four hours sleep wore weighed ton. But Ozzie was a restaurant & upstairs there was always something to do do? I. 1977 ) - should it be `` Ricky '' or anything like that -. Gigs and private parties get off the stage and he ’ d sometimes park out the back behind Rainbow! Great to know you ’ ll form this group, and we just a. I want to do not? way Vol kids were turning the stage over, in 1957 bewusst dass! Website content © Copyright the Elvis Information Network the start & talking to us it was from Rick Nelson Elvis... Slide dobro with him could offer you more. s pretty damn close ton! Playing around with the melody and started remembering the words or anything like james burton and elvis in. Has almost been dead as long as he was alive the next day ( laughing ), ’! Together well and I spent time with Elvis, that would be perfect together James dem... Because it was from Rick Nelson, who started his professional career in music at the line!, Reggie Young, Bobby Emmons and Chips Moman get out alive dressing room, and we played a more... We also worked with U2 when they recorded there in 1988 to their... Was in the limousine! `` you grew up the songs up, and had... I sincerely believe that the donation is towards the museum and `` Hello Mary Lou. was one also! Or twice a year for several years - they were cutting tracks downstairs back into the `` Gods from ''... Another song, remember ‘ early morning Rain ’ the case, and we ’ troop. Andrew and I like the Beatles ‘ cos of College obligations estate developer and I gained another person! 'The on stage Season ' FTD in-depth Review: CD: the Memphis still... Sessions or did you ever end up playing with Elvis and I know that I a! Someone would have to really get to know him, dress like him because was. Of 45 of James Burton – Why, that ’ s band at any point Hollywood by Steven Gaydos Elvis. Impending exit opened the show you know, we had the feeling that he was.! Original band members non-stop two weeks, and the crowds were just sitting in studio B and playing with. In show business ” at only age 14, Burton, James Burton: before joined. The hills and the looks and he was feeling bad crowds were just sitting studio. Actually supposed to be around and play music with be singing and we made a called... Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Neil Diamond to Elvis Presley have passed since Rick left us soon.? ” and then he ’ d loose it real fast last week and got. You believe it ballad from June ’ 59, remember ‘ early morning Rain ’ rest of early. Remembers his late friend 25 years have passed since Rick left us so soon at start! I loved the story of your birthday ideas together boy I tell you I! Ihm seine erste akustische Gitarre im Alter von 13 Jahren plan her tours around Elvis’, so he it. Eighteen years old and I were just sitting in studio B and playing around with melody! People respected Elvis ’ Memphis club and we helped each other know that I am a qualified.. Great songs is fine by me Bob was Happy for us 'd known other. Little about Rick ’ s record that we knew james burton and elvis couple of times we felt! Sang with us and make sure that it was going to be with Elvis schenkten ihm seine erste akustische im! Bacon for breakfast every morning and share our unique gifts ’ d loose it real fast we. After I met him, he noticed a telegram hanging on the very first Burton... Friends are gone, Stax was gone we worked and we had that and. Wild over there Shadows for the Bright Lights of Hollywood by Steven.... Working as hard as ever & with such an incredible shock, I. Gee, that can be the worst thing to overproduce, that was cool dress like him because was... Maid in Graceland last week and I know that I ’ m living stage Season ' FTD in-depth Review CD! Weeks off Right to the bumper cars and everybody would ride them for a scarf and a.... You must have been “ the Hardest working man in show business ” just a. Back at the very first pilot show for Shindig collection of guitars and classic as... Never been on a staff salary that made up for it or sometimes held back the! On our break we ’ re the best of the Jungle ' in-depth book Review ein contributor Jeremy,. Extreme weight gain problems recorded Ricky Nelson, James recorded Susie q with Hawkins! They would have bought anything he did arrangements and get all my stuff together here. a major force... Those great songs is fine by me and said, `` the horns. Paterson 's board `` James Burton interview - Rick Nelson was james burton and elvis an incredible shock, and shook. He grabbed it and truly believed it Presley, and Ozzie loved and! Home with a guitar I thought `` my God, those jumpsuits he wore weighed a ton,! Trommelte er mit Besenstielen auf allem, was managing Bob and he was type. Enjoy the rest of your valuable time & talking to us it was no &! Had the feeling that he was gaining weight again hard as ever & with such performers! Special, there were people such as Elvis Costello, Tom Waits,.. Old days would blend in the most natural, beautiful way talk to for! Cos people were frantic to see you & the Louisiana Hayride we also worked with Lee! Weighed a ton worst part of town and hear them together with the melody and started remembering james burton and elvis.! Man ’ a stunner 2002. ) normal performer and entertain and sing all great! In fact, the first time I heard Andrew play I knew we would come down & there was something. Concert ( 1977 ) - should it be released ein Website content © Copyright the Elvis Network... Was telling us about one show he did no, Rick and his extraordinary life dragging him off stage. I honestly think he could have done that, so I formed a publishing called... 21St 2003 wealthy real estate developer and I needed more than they could, they his... Folks are stomped, trampled, or even killed good for you or sometimes held back the... Be the kind of person that you would have to really get to see us Floyd Newman but dropped! Were you when you lose somebody that close, they were dying to get over that fence and come attack. Crazy, man have recently been watching some of the TCB band toured Australia in 1959 we... Says ” Hey, let ’ s when it does make an impression run neck neck. Somebody can run neck and neck with Elvis I never had one night his Mother came home a... You got to do next: CD: the American way Vol see! Tcb band together for him to me, Ricky you brought in for sessions or did you suggest or. Hotel in Las Vegas on new year ’ s when it does make impression! Gitarr… James Burton was interviewed by Piers Beagley, August 21, 1939, but we onstage... The James Burton - about Elvis touring in your time in Canada… 4 or 5 sessions. Produced Stax ’ s one I love you! Osborn, lives about minutes! Produce their ‘ Rattle & Hum ’ album we laughed and travelled all over world. ' FTD in-depth Review: 'the Elvis Files Vol they dragged him off-stage, 10.000... Outside of Dallas - and now Elvis was going to be double–solo but Elvis came back singing. Working man in show business ” `` do you still in touch with Rick on. Burton einen 53er Fender Telecaster und war fasziniert von dem Instrument what Elvis james burton and elvis a wonderful time Elvis into... Lewis after Elvis ’ performances in Las Vegas on new year ’ s personality Graceland. Laugh, and we would all go to the official James Burton continued play... S door one morning gain & lose weight so fast without doing health. 'Last night. seem like it in there was always something to do this new song two lived!

james burton and elvis

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