Thor is only doing this because he is protecting you, and the love that you share together. That was when you saw him for the first time, and should it have been under normal circumstances you both would have noticed the timer hit zero. Of course you couldn’t help but be endeared by this man who you had never officially met until now but who didn’t know who he was? That was until you joined the team, and it was his job to train you on hand to hand combat. This is all marked with the rise of African Americans taking ancestry tests to learn of their ancestral roots, increased visits back to the continent and the adoption of traditional clothing such as the Dashiki and Kente cloth. The exchanges between T’Challa and Killmonger throughout the film are reminiscent of the wider experiences of Africans and their African American counterparts. People dying from lightning strikes were at an all time high and no one could understand what was happening. Has abilities to take you most anywhere without your permission. Words started to appear, causing you to realize that you had never given them and indication that you even existed. Sometimes when one has a soulmate when you turn 18 you get the first words they will speak to you, etched onto your skin. It could be said that Stephen never really gave much thought to his soulmate, until he became a Sorcerer. Taking a few deep breaths you looked around seeing two women singing and laughing with each other just having fun. While Erik is the most determined, T’Challa has the resources and the abilities to overcome any obstacle. Erik Killmonger VS T’Challa Udaku. As it is later revealed T’Chaka is behind the death of N’Jobu played by the phenomenal Sterling K. Brown (and well worth the cameo), father of the disillusioned villain. Perhaps unintentionally mirroring the role the African elite played in the selling of slaves to Europeans. Tags. It took you years to place ink on your skin, until you were finally ready. I will not accept your insolence any longer, you need to learn a lesson.”He scowled angrily sitting down on the edge of the bed pulling you towards him. Looking at them curiously you noticed them hold up their wrist, showing that the ribbon was connected to you. The darker kind of Yandere. A love he had to fight so hard to win, and he wasn’t used to losing. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Several unsolved murders might just stack up in the city, with none of them seeming connected in anyway. Once again hiking up your dress he teased you rubbing his thick cock along your slit, lathering it in the remnants of your previous climax. The highly-acclaimed box office hit Black Panther has markedly created a platform for Africa and its American diaspora, to engage in a much-needed intimate exchange. Very quickly he brought your first orgasm crashing over you so hard that your legs were trembling. 2020 is hell, and I’m sorry I haven’t been here recently to help you all through it too! “I don’t know my King, are you going to satisfy me?”You taunted back trying to push yourself onto his fingers. Thankfully your soulmate listened to halfway decent songs, mostly comprised of 80’s and 90’s hits. I love you with all of my heart, but I cannot stand for defiance such as this. Girl I saw that T'challa request and I love it! “I agree, there is no place I would rather be my King.”You sighed happily tracing patterns on his chest with your fingertip. “Oh really and what words are those?”You asked with a slight grin on your face, truly thankful that the man in front of you called you his. Killmonger should be considered a successful villain because T'Challa does, in a manner of speaking, grant his enemy's wish. Unfortunately that meant he would likely die from his injuries, but not on your watch. Your loyalty is all I ask of you, now please accept that I need to do this. I want to hear your answers too so let me know <3 <3 <3]. And according to Michael Battle, every Black man is part T’Challa and part Killmonger and that’s not a … No one could ever treat you how you deserved like Peter does, and always will. Absolute bloodbath ending in Erik’s death. That is until the battle with Ultron, and you saw the one called Quicksilver block Clint and a child from being harmed. It was a bunch of formulas for seemingly a chemistry class. Suddenly swooping in came Spider-Man saving the day, and potentially your life. Watching on in fascination as the perpetrator took his last fleeting breaths, eyes closing shut after a few more moments. Hopefully, deep wounds can heal, unlike those of Erik Killmonger. Starting with, cocky and confident on the outside, sweet sweet boy on the inside which you would get to see. He learns to be, but the role is not truly ascribed to him from the start. “If I killed myself, would that make you happy my love?”T’Challa asked not even bothering to look you in the eye, just continuing his actions. Will definitely kidnap you and keep you hidden from the rest of Wakanda. They both want to help those who need Wakanda’s resources but their approach is starkly different. OBSESSIVE okay, like to the max with a dash of possessiveness. Stay here, and lead your people.”You begged him as he started packing to leave the next morning. The complex family ties that exist between the two forms the arc for the film, albeit deviating slightly from the backstory of the original comics. “Again!”T’Challa ordered as he swatted you once again, continuing on until he got to twenty. “I guess I did get to sweep you off your feet today after all.”. Killmonger was Black Panther for a brief time. Picking you up and leading you to the bedroom where he will proceed to worship you from top to bottom. Will probably mark you in some way so that the world will know who you belong to. “This is unnecessary, we need you, I need you!”You yelled loudly deciding that you were going to make your voice heard. Until one day you walked into work humming along to the tune in your head, only to realize that it was playing inside the bar. T’Challa would have you protected to the max the moment he knew that Erik was interested in you. As if T’Challa were a flame and Erik a moth, Erik’s eyes were always drawn to him, and as if T’Challa could feel Erik’s gaze like a physical touch, T’Challa immediately looked up. Look’s like you just aren’t worthy, tough man.”. Where T’Challa cannot survive or triumph without Okoye, Shuri, or Ramonda, Killmonger is alone. Seeing you nod in confirmation unable to muster a single word he could tell he was doing his job in fucking you into a state of euphoria. Working as an assistant for Tony Stark you ended up meeting a lot of interesting people, although none grasped you the right way. Warning(s): Graphic Content, Language, Violence, Blood. Tags. Reassuring him a lot will help ease his anxieties, after all he has lost most good things in his life, he couldn’t bear losing you too. While I am worried for them, I am glad that I have the time and the ability to take care of them like they have been taking care of me for the last almost 30 years. T’chaka, his nephew committed a crime. Ethics. Besides you didn’t want him getting involved in a fight that wasn’t his. That was when things went to shit and he couldn’t focus on it any more. Dad is still doing Chemotherapy, it’s been extended for a couple more sessions. Somehow in the commotion you were pushed into someone else, feeling them grasp your hip to steady you as you grabbed their shoulder to steady yourself. Now let me explain why: Starting off with, Loki does what Loki wants. You’ve stolen my heart, and now I want you to keep it.”T’Challa said with a soft smile on his face. For the longest you could remember you went to bed drunk, and woke up with a killer hangover. Don’t expect to go anywhere without Peter with you, it’s dangerous out there and you need Spider-Man to keep you safe from harm. T'Challa's adopted older brother, Hunter, blamed him for her death.T'Challa w… The film’s auxiliary villain Ulysses Klaue further exemplifies this separation, as he scoffs to Killmonger that Wakandans won’t accept him even in light of the traditional markings Killmonger has chosen to adorn his body with. “I love you with all of my heart, I have for so long I’ve lost count of the days since I have fallen for you.”You replied seriously butterflies flying around furiously in your stomach, feeling like a weight had been lifted off your shoulders. In an alternate ending to Black Panther, Killmonger defeats T'Challa in the final fight. <3 <3 <3], Prompt #8: “You’ve gotten good at this, it’s time to try something new.”, Prompt #18: “If I killed myself, would that make you happy?”, Prompt #19: “Your happiness, your tears, your love, your hate – all of it belongs to me.”. Stronger doesn't necessarily mean better fighter. Not the type to physically punish you, but to make you feel guilty for running from him in the first place. How could you not feel lucky upon meeting this cute brown eyed boy with the curls? You may act out but what you are truly trying to tell him is that you need him, and what kind of man would he be if he didn’t give you what you needed? It doesn’t matter in the end who you want, because T’Challa is who you are going to get. That’s not to say that the person hitting on you or flirting with you would be safe that night when you went to sleep. I hope you like it, and that it is what you wanted! Your ass sore and raw from each of his hits, tears now running down your cheeks. Using his fingers again he rubbed your clit with unmatched speed, you clenched tightly around him soaking both of you, as you came harder than you ever had before in your life. For a little bit you thought you might be going crazy, that was when a doctor told you about soulmate connections. Years passed with no instance of you being able to find the voice that would ring out with those words. This also sets the table for the deeper themes not commonly explored in mainstream cinema, least of all a Marvel superhero movie. Not only that but he will have to come up with an attack and rescue plan that is unlikely to harm you in any way. Many years later that information had been wiped from his memory, never thinking about soulmates again until he was in the healing process. “If you insist my Queen.”He smirked his body language shifting entirely as he whipped you around so your front was pressed nearly flat against the wall, pinning you against him with his own. Making it home to your sleeping form, in his bed waiting for him to join you. Please don’t do this. T'Challa was fighting Erik to yield while Erik was fighting to kill T'Challa. Gets Shuri to help him with any technical things that might help locate you, so immediately Erik is at a disadvantage. So wet for me, are you going to be a good girl now?”He asked tauntingly as he teased your entrance with his fingertips, lingering in the limbo leaving you begging for his touch. “It is very possible my Queen.”He said kissing your neck not wanting to leave the feeling of you yet. Thor is a giant teddy bear most of the time, always showing affection towards you and never anything but. Cornering the man before throwing him onto the ground harshly, standing over him at first placing his foot on the man’s chest. The level of introspection that Killmonger is ultimately able to bring not only to T’Challa but Wakanda and its age-old principles is honestly refreshing to witness; and a move from the usual cookie cutter Marvel villain. After all you are going to be his queen one day. “Say you love me.”His whispered into your ear barely loud enough for you to hear had he not been so close. <3 <3 <3], Prompt #7: “You were beautiful on the photos I took, but you’re absolutely perfect in my arms.”, Prompt #21: “You don’t realize how powerful you are with me by your side.”. “Challa, you are going to get yourself killed for no other reason than your own pride. Bucky was confused on why his hit didn’t land with more force, causing you to be able to punch him square in the jaw. A severing of ties so deep, that we are still able to bear witness to it today. Well I never see straight if you know what I mean reader.”. “You are a fool T’Challa, remember that well.”You growled slapping him across the face. Of course you were both nervous, but quickly got into the groove as you began to spar with each other. Never did you expect to be a King’s soulmate, but there he was showing you the now gold handprint on his shoulder. “You know I need to do this, if not for Wakanda then for my own sanity. T’Challa and Killmonger’s morality is poles apart but at the end of the day their goals are quite similar. In his climactic last words, he asserts to his despondent cousin T'Challa; “Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors who jumped from ships, ‘cause they knew death was better than bondage.” Chilling, yet powerful words from this complex anti-hero. “Maybe next time you will listen to me. T'Challa was the first biological son of T'Chaka, king of the African nation of Wakanda, a secluded technologically advanced country that contained the only source of the rare ultra-durable metal known as Vibranium. Until one day he returned there to try again, and there was someone sitting under a nearby tree watching as he approached. Thank you for being patient with me, and I hope to produce some new content for you soon! He told him to go home an answer for his crime then turned to walk away . Thank you so much for the request, and sorry it took me a couple of days! You felt the impact but it didn’t hurt, it hardly even knocked the wind out of you. If you have anxiety or depression he would be right by your side because he knows first hand what it is like. Rating: 18+ A/N: The fight between Erik and T’Challa in Erik’s P.O.V. Affectionate as hell, always wanting to be near you and touching you in some way, he’s touch starved to the max. Leaving love marks and bites scattered along your flesh, a sign to the world of how much he loved you. Upon his death, Killmonger is seemingly unaware of the wider impact he has made in the country that he so desperately wished to call home. Thank you so much for the request, and sorry it took me a couple of days! Each push knocking your head into the plaster slightly, grabbing your hips to gain more stability. His mother, N'Yami, died a week after giving birth to her son as a consequence of a rare autoimmune disease she had contracted during pregnancy. After he walked you home you couldn’t help but smile at the very thought of the encounter. Of course you voiced your concerns but he simply didn’t listen to what you were trying to say. We have the highly talented director Ryan Cooler to thank for what has been described as a ‘love letter’ to black people everywhere. Not only would his facial expression and hulking figure intimidate most anyone away from you, but the shift of his eyes glowing blue added a whole other level of terror. Passionate about making you happy with him because he tends to be clingy since most people end up hurting him or leaving him. Likely if he had a soulmate they would be dead by now, fate had not been kind to him in the least so why would it be now? “Finally it seems my soulmate grew some balls, I can’t even see straight. Telling him not to go easy on you made him smirk as he was ready to make you eat your words. Googling it feeling a little silly like maybe you just imagined it, you quickly got results for a type of soulmate bond. I hope you like it and that it is what you were wanting! Especially when you strike your King, something you could very well be put to death for should anyone else have been around. I don’t want to be away from you either, but in the depths of my soul I know this is the right thing.” T’Challa frowned pulling you into his arms. “COUNT!”He demanded loudly. T’Challa grabbed your arm holding it firmly in his hand as he stared into your eyes. [Thank you so much for the request! Deciding that it was time, she started following the ribbon wondering just how far it would take her. Seems like it’s not possible but somehow he forces you to love him, maybe even threatening your family if you don’t. “Mmm such a pretty one you are. He would be able to notice the same signs he carries in his own eyes. His nephew then pulled a gun on the King , and worse yet ,a king thats also the Black Panther. Arching your hips back into him your excitement grew as you felt his aching hardness against your clothed skin. Tilting his head to the side he was processing the information, realizing that you had to be the one connected to him. Of course this mysterious man would likely be your soulmate, nothing normal ever happened to you. Thankfully it was typically hidden by any article of clothing you wore, the amount of questions you would get otherwise would be unreal. I don’t think he would go after your family, but he would threaten to if you disobey in any way. Leaving their charred remains scattered across the ground, pieces breaking off and floating into the air.

t'challa vs killmonger

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