Below are the web pages for classes in the Department of Computer Science. Some attention to Shakespeare on film and what the playwright can teach us about different media. At University of Maryland Global Campus, we've designed our academic calendar to help you balance your academic schedule with family and job commitments. Core assignments include a genre-based journal and document analysis, presentations on economics-related topics for both economists and non-professional audiences, and a major research-based writing project for an audience outside of the classroom. Applications of the conventions of grammar, spelling, punctuation and usage, and organization for logic and accuracy. Prerequisite: ENGL397 or ENGL353; or permission of department. All course registrations must be processed by the end of the Schedule Adjustment period (first 10 days of classes). Students receive credit for an internship of their choice that focuses at least half of its work on core English skills such as writing, editing, and research. Prerequisite: two English courses in literature or permission of department. The Schedule Adjustment Period is the first ten business days of classes during the Fall or Spring semester. Major British, American, and other fiction writers of the twentieth century studied in the context of the broad global, intellectual, and artistic interests of the century. Examines the poetry, prose, and theater of Latinx communities in the United States from their origins in the Spanish colonization of North America to their ongoing development in the 21st century. Contact Lyra Hilliard, Intensive discussion of students' own poems. Students learn how to read and write about cases, statutes, or other legislation; how to apply legal principles to fact scenarios; and how to present a written analysis for readers in the legal profession. Cultural attitudes and historical contexts. Readings from early natural and experimental philosophers of the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment. Credit only granted for ENGL439D, LGBT448Y, or WMST498Y. Cross-listed with FILM319K. Click on “Show Sections” to determine session offered, delivery (face to face or online), time, classroom location, available seats, etc. Shared with CMLT679E. Repeatable to 9 credits if content differs. The history of modern British drama, from its roots in Chekhov and Ibsen, through the modernisms of Samuel Beckett and Bertolt Brecht, through the Angry Young Men of the 1950s, and right up to the present. Please visit our Academics section to browse programs and their curriculum requirements. Repeatable to 12 credits. Prerequisite: permission of department. Exposes students to the conventions of scientific prose in the genres of research articles and proposals. Students will receive a notification email that includes information on early registration and a link to check their registration time and any registration blocks. Social and economic functions of film within broader institutional, economic, and cultural contexts. ELMS, as an acronym also expresses the mission of the environment: Enhancing Learning for Maryland Students. For general honors students or students with a verbal SAT of 600 or better. Credit granted for MITH301, CMLT398M, ENGL378M, or LASC348C. Students investigate the writing process and help other writers to negotiate it. Then, to view individual class details, select your desired course … Situates digital media within power and politics and develops critical awareness of how media shape society and ethics. A seminar examining foundational concepts and approaches in the theory and practice of rhetoric in civic, professional, academic, and interpersonal settings; focusing on key issues in persuasion, argumentation, and eloquence in historical and contemporary contexts. Explores how the twenty-first century has brought new prominence to science fiction by creators of color, women creators, and queer creators, as well as intersections of these. Surveys contemporary humanities work in digital technologies, including the web and social media and their historical antecedents. Topics may include argumentation theory, visual rhetoric, stylistic theory, and writing theory. Students learn strategies to research careers, and they shadow a person in a career of interest for a day. Issues such as rise of democracy; industrial revolution; the "woman question"; revolutions in literary form. Prerequisite: 60 credits and completion of ENGL101 or equivalent. Contact The University of Maryland's Enterprise Learning Management System (ELMS) provides secure online spaces for distributing course materials, communicating with your students, managing grades, and much more. Repeatable to 9 credits if content differs. Exploration of race, as term and concept, at three different historical times and from three different perspectives, through the reading of three stories: William Shakespeare's drama Othello, Aphra Behn's novella Oroonoko, and the short story Benito Cereno by Herman Melville. For film, or even videogames? Continuing UMD undergraduate students are … Students will explore the theories and best practices of teaching and learning in the various fields of the English discipline, particularly writing and literary studies. Please scroll to the bottom of this page for a list of all available PSYC courses' syllabi. Class meets in TWS 3136 on the following dates: 9/8, 10/6, 11/3, 12/8. Writers studied may include Francis Bacon, Mary Shelley, Charles Darwin, H.G. Examines a range of texts and genres (autobiography, slave narrative, travel narrative, poetry, essays, fiction), and their contribution to national literary tradition. Develops skills needed to publish a writing portfolio that showcases students' professional writing competencies and projects your professional writer identities. When taking the course again in subsequent semesters, students should register for 2001 or 3001 for 3 credits. Admission to this course is by application only. Credit only granted for ENGL 479P or ENGL 428M. Examines how the senses of words and other linguistic constructions are mentally represented, and how they contribute to the construction of meanings in linguistic communication. First Floor, Clarence M. Mitchell Building 7999 Regents Drive, College Park, Maryland 20742 p. 301-314-8240 | f. 301-314-9568 | The University of Maryland, College Park is the state's flagship university and one of the nation's preeminent public research universities. First Floor, Clarence M. Mitchell, Jr. Building 7999 Regents Drive, College Park, Maryland 20742 p. 301-314-8240 | f. 301-314-9568 | Students will be introduced to public policy as a discipline, with a brief overview of the actors and institutions involved in the process, and familiarize themselves with the kinds of problems typically requiring public action. Credit granted for ENGL479Y or CMLT679T. Locates and analyzes disability in various settings, modes, and texts. A class in the making of poetry. To get started, select a term and institution to display the list of courses being offered by each academic program. Registration Info You must use Testudo to register for your courses, whether you attend on campus or at a remote site. They also learn how to edit their own work as well as that of their peers, doing multiple revisions of the major assignments for a final portfolio.

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