It felt like a fencer's foil rather than a sword - lightweight, yet deadly in the right hands. The light head and flexible frame make themselves apparent once again on serves and overheads as, while quick through the air, these shots it higher on the frame aren’t as powerful unless you really hit them cleanly. Wilson Pro Staff Team Tennis Racket 4.7 out of 5 stars 186. If I didn't hit my shots in the center of the sweetspot the frame twisted in my hand a great deal. He said, "From the initial feel when I picked it up to the first strike of a groundstroke I couldn't help but compare this 100 to the Pro Staffs of old - which it's not. Though the racquet was easy to swing, I thought it lacked torsional stability and plow through. The racquet was really easy to adjust to, and I was able to really be consistent. The obvious differences between the two rackets are the weight and the head size. Lower stringbed tensions may relieve some of my pent up frustration! FREE SHIPPING OVER $99 FROM OUR AUSTRALIAN WAREHOUSE TO YOUR HOME CUSTOMER SUPPORT OUR LOCAL EXPERTS ARE HERE TO … ", Mike - "It was similar to the last playtest I did (Wilson BLX Six.One Team). ", Chris - "The combination of spin, pace and maneuverability reminded me of the Head Liquidmetal Instinct as well as the new Youtek IG Radical. The Pro Staff Team should also appeal to the dedicated beginner who wants a racquet that will reward continued improvement. Description Designed with a new frame shape to generate an extra degree of racket responsiveness, the Pro Staff Precision Team 100 infuses power to a series known for its pure precision. Chris uses a full-western forehand grip, has a fast swing style and hits a one-handed backhand. $217.50. 28 bids. ", Granville agreed, finding that the great maneuverability and large head made volleys a little bit easier for him. Despite some trepidation with the weight, the BLX Pro Staff Six.One 100 provided plenty of spin. Whether it was at net, on serve or all over the baseline, the maneuverability and spin production were the most agreeable features of this racquet. ", Mike - "The only thing I didn't like was my ball landing around the service line when I wanted more depth on some of my returns. Chris: 5.0 all-court player currently using the HEAD Youtek IG Prestige Midplus. At times I was tempted to take too much of a risk and would overhit my shot. Serve returns needed a bit more work, but maximum spin and pace could be achieved with a fast swing. Strung low because it is very low powered (gut mains at 54 lbs ALU Power Rough at 51 lbs). My pace was surprisingly good for a racquet this light. Wilson offers a variety of product lines, including Blade, Pro Staff, Ultra, and Burn: Head size : The head is measured as the surface area contained by the frame. Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket - Size 4 1/8”, 4 1/4", 4 3/8", 4 1/2" $19.97 - $177.98. Brand New. He said, "It feels like I should be able to hit the ball 175 mph, as the weight just opens up so much racquet speed, but it's apparent at impact that there is simply not enough mass to really drive the ball with great pace. Regardless, our playtesters considered the Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six.One 100 to be an enjoyable, maneuverable racquet that encouraged consistency from all over the court. The dynamic specs are measured during the impact between a ball and racquet. The Wilson Pro Staff is arguably the most iconic tennis racket in the world. Collectors Edition celebrating Wilson's 100 years anniversary. Net Play and Serving When given the time I could punch the volleys away as with any racquet. If you found this review interesting or have further questions or comments please contact us. At 10.5 ounces strung, the Pro Staff Team is designed for the intermediate player who wants the undeniable benefits of maneuverability. I liked how I could snap my wrist at full stretch and send a sharp cross court return that immediately turned defense into offense. However, this one has enough Pro Staff heritage in it to offer better touch and feel than anything I've hit in this weight range. The lighter weight made it straight forward when it came to racquet head speed. A certificate of authenticity. The feel combined with the spin to make this racquet perfect for rolling an angled pass or topspin lob with both pace and touch. ", Chris - "None really. The Similar Racquet Tool will always find a list of racquets that are closest in all specs. ", Our team found that a solid and fast swing was required to get the most out of their serve returns. ", Mike - "The lighter weight of this racquet allowed me to generate both pace and control. However, for the majority of the time I found a solid blend of control, power and spin. ", Karly found herself hanging back a little, saying, "I didn't care to come up to the net as much with this racquet because of the lack of stability. Our testers had some hesitations and complaints about the weight, but liked hitting groundstrokes and found improved consistency. I could really get some good topspin and slice with the open stringbed. She hits with a semi-western forehand grip and uses a two handed backhand. All content copyright 2012 Tennis Warehouse. Because it was so easy to swing I could really whip it around to generate a ton of topspin. Visit us at 10770 Westheimer Rd, Houston TX 77042, WILSON Pro Staff Six.One 100 BLX Tennis Racquet. The 100 square inch head size and open string pattern of the Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six.One 100 offered spin, spin and more spin to our playtesters. I'm tempted to tail weight this one to see if I can add some power and stability without taking anything away from its maneuverability. Flex is a moderate 65, and the string pattern has one less cross string than the 95, whose final cross was more for looks, anyway. New Listing Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 Green Black Purple 90’s Tennis Racquet 4 5/8 L5 Racket. In our list of The Best Rackets Under 300g (Unstrung), we had the Pro Staff Team’s close relation, the Wilson Pro Staff 97L at number 2, so there were certainly some high expectations for the Team. Mishit high on the face and the frame still lets you know it, but you get a little more pace, too. The 100’s recoilweight (resistance to “kicking back” in your hand) is low due to its lighter weight, but well-timed volleys show no ill effects, and maneuverability in quick exchanges is quite good, even with the added length. I was able to get more of the depth and pace I usually get from heavier racquets with that string setup. ", Maneuverability was applauded by all the playtesters, while opinions varied on the stability and solidness of the BLX Pro Staff 100. For 2012, Wilson has added two larger head sizes to its “old school” series. meticulous in detail and bold in its beauty, the new Pro Staff introduces a whole new dimension of engineered paint finishes and textures with matte black velvet, chrome touches, and laser engraving never before seen in tennis. ", Chris - "I liked the maneuverability, spin, feel, control and comfort. He continued, "However, on the really heavy hit balls I could feel the racquet surrendering to the ball's pace a bit, making for a less than solid shot. Karly finally found the stability she was looking for, saying, "While I thought the racquet was unstable in other areas, I thought it was the opposite for serves. It was easy to bring the racquet around and quickly switch directions. Really enjoying the racquet from the baseline was Mike. I thought the racquet felt the most unstable when hitting volleys. He said, "Most returns were solid. or Best Offer +$10.90 shipping. Something to keep in mind about this frame’s relatively low weight is the customization options it opens up. Granville is an aggressive player who uses an eastern forehand grip and goes continental on everything else, hits with a flat swing and a one-handed backhand. Specifications $109.00 - $390.92. Maneuverability at net was good, allowing me to adjust to pretty much every volley that came my way. His current racquet of choice is a customized Prince Triple Threat Warrior. My slice serves out wide remained intact and effective, but I just couldn't hit those heaters down the middle. However, I thought the Wilson Pro Staff produced more control and was more comfortable on the arm than the RZR. Wilson Burn 100 Series Tennis Racket 4.5 out of 5 stars 187. ", Mike said, "Generating power was not very hard with this frame. $139.95. Wilson Pro Staff Six One 100 BLX Tennis Racquet - Grip 4 1/4 L2 really rare. ", Karly - "The extreme spin potential, maneuverability and instability reminded me of the Gamma RZR 98. Actual sales may not have occurred at this price. The string pattern is pretty open, and I found it to really grab the ball for both topspin and slice. ", Utilizing the feel and touch offered by the racquet was Mike. $56.00. Some testers struggled with the stability at the net, while all enjoyed the maneuverability, the comfort and their ability to pop some good balls away. $99.95. I didn't have any issues with the instability when serving, and it was actually my favorite thing to do with this racquet. Wilson Pro Staff 97L v13 Racquets 4 3/8" (#3) Used $179.00 Ideal for the intermediate player, the Pro Staff 97L v13 has an impressive combination of speed, spin and precision. She said, "This racquet provided decent power and control, but what I thought really stood out was the maneuverability and spin. US OPEN BALLS - NOW IN AUSTRALIA The legendary Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph is unmistakable for its association with the likes of Pete Sampras and Roger Federer and is one of the most recognizable rackets on the planet. Whether it was at net, on serve or all over the baseline, the maneuverability and spin production were the most agreeable features of this racquet. $99.00 + shipping . Wilson has upped the hitting surface from 97 to 100 square inches and lightened the load making this an extremely mobile addition to the pro staff line. Our test model, the BLX Pro Staff 100, is the best-selling model in the series, rated # 8 in the Tennis Industry Association Retail Audit for the 2nd quarter of 2012, 2 spots ahead of Federer’s 90 square inch model. He said, "If you like to take a good rip on the return then you'll probably enjoy this racquet as much as I did. I had a tendency to stay back on the baseline against players who put a lot of pace on the ball because the torsional stability made it uncomfortable on my arm. I could play longer against harder hitters, which was great! you continue, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all the cookies on the Daflame added racket Wilson Ultra 97 21 days: fantasyballer34 added a stringing of Babolat RPM Team 16 Black to Yonex EZONE 98 Tour 26 days: fantasyballer34 added a stringing of Babolat RPM Team 16 Black to Prince Hornet ES 100 26 days: fantasyballer34 added a stringing of Babolat RPM Team 16 Black to Wilson K Six One 95 (18x20) 26 days History. If facing a tough serve where I could only stick my racquet out to make some contact with the ball, there was no power to my return. If you do, you’ll find solid feel and control, along with good slice and kick serve options. Very light by Pro Staff standards, this racket provides a nice degree of maneuverability for … Because it was maneuverable I could generate a ton of spin, and I felt like I had a lot of control with the direction of my serves. Off-center shots offered some extra vibration, and it just lacked that solid feel of the heavier models. Originally manufactured in Chicago, Illinois and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the Pro Staff line was Wilson's answer to the Prince Graphite, Yonex Rex series, and the Dunlop Max 200G. Pro Labs Collection ROLAND GARROS COLLECTION Pro Staff v13: A RETRO DESIGN THAT PACKS A MODERN PUNCH Ultra v3: PEOPLE TO THE POWER Blade v7: Your Greater Than Awaits Clash: THE MOVEMENT IS CLASH World Demo Tour HOW TO CHOOSE A TENNIS RACKET CUSTOMIZE YOUR RACKET! Pro Staff Precision 103 Tennis Racket WILSON WR019110U2. ", Chris was very happy with the spin and kick that he was getting with this racquet on serve. Good spin potential with the correct string. When I slowed my swing speed there was a noticeable difference in depth; I couldn't get any at all. This is a “genius” setup from a customization standpoint, as it leaves a multitude of options for the player and racquet technician to perfect the racquet for a particular style of play. Grab this special edition racket that celebrates Wilson's 100 years aniversary in a retro style and colour-way. You can, without making it too heavy, design it to help whatever part of your game you want: leave it “as is” for extra racquet speed, weigh down the 3 and 9 o’clock positions for reduced twist, “lead up” the tip for a higher sweet spot if you really reach for the ball, or add weight all over the frame for a solid, stable all-round hitting platform. The Pro Staff delivers the pure, classic feel players have come to love but with an all-new uncontaminated design. He said, "This racquet was very solid at net and felt great when I made contact with the ball, allowing me to place the volley wherever I wanted. When I was hitting with Jason he mentioned that there were several times when he thought my shots were going long, but instead they would dive down before the baseline because of the spin. Review date: June 2012. ; The comparison parameters include both statically and dynamically measured performance variables. The lighter weight made it easy to generate spin. The solid combo of pace and spin made it a great racquet for hitting passing shots and lobs. My groundies were landing short and lacked pace compared to my more massive Pro Staff 95s, which forced me to make adjustments to my strokes. Image not available. NEW Wilson Blade 100L v7 16x19 Bumper and Grommet $7.99. Mouse over to Zoom-Click to enlarge. I also found more feel on touch shots, though even with a full bed of poly I thought feel was good. Tennis Express website. The 100’s head light balance and lower weight make it much easier to get through the air than the 90 or 95, so topspin is much easier to apply, and the open 16x18 pattern allowed for a more than adequate grip of the ball. The larger head, extra length and slight “headward” balance bias conspire to move the sweet spot just a touch higher, giving a little better power to shots hit toward the tip; in this respect, the 100 runs circles around the 90 and 95. Again the maneuverability was a plus, offering easy access to spin. Not only did Pete Sampras use this stick to win roughly 1,000 Wimbledon titles, but then Roger Federer used it to win absolutely everything. On the plus side, the maneuverability is excellent, and I can really whip this thing around. The Pro Hybrid grip (like on the 95) isn’t exactly traditional leather, but the foam backing is a fine comfort aid. $100.63 - $248.69. Wilson Blade Tennis Racquet Grommets NEW Wilson Blade 98 v7 18x20 Bumper and Grommet $7.99. ", Karly felt like she was being pushed around when she was returning. ", Chris advocated a fast swing for some heavy returns. New Listing Wilson Pro Staff 97 V13.0 Tennis Racquet Grip Size (4 3/8) *NEW 2020* Brand New. Opens image gallery. This Pro Staff 100L is an extraordinary racquet. Static balance is a little more toward the head (4 points head light vs 7 on the 90 and 95, and swingweight is down markedly, reading only 302, noticeably less than the 95’s 310 and way below the strong 329 on the 90 (The weight and swingweight numbers have been reduced, I must surmise, to make up for the ¼” additional length Wilson has deemed to give this frame). Karly: 4.0 baseline player currently playing with the Wilson nCode nTour. It was extremely easy to swing and generated a lot of spin and control. I could really whip this racquet around very quickly. Have one to sell? You'll find more information on cookies at, Stay up to date on arrivals and special offers, Shop Early - Shipping Carrier Delays Expected. Fine Points For most of my shots I was ending my swing by whipping it around my head to get more momentum. Granville: 5.5 all-court player currently using a Wilson K Factor Six-One Tour 95. ", Granville - "Due to the racquet's overall lightness it plays more like a 6-8 point HL balance rather than the 3 points noted in the spec. The low swingweight and head-light balance made it very easy to swing and I was never concerned about tiring out my arm. I either needed to be ahead of the ball, weight moving forward and hitting out front to take the offensive with this racquet, or sit back and slice and dice to wear my opponent down with consistency. ", (Scores are determined by averaging individual play test scores). If I also really liked that combo for hitting slice drop shots. Swinging freely with the frame allowed me to get some freebies on my serve. She said, "Again, the instability and lack of plow through made it uncomfortable and hard to produce my own power. Picture Information. These numbers leave quite a large window for customization, but how does it play out of the box? The 100 square inch head size and open string pattern of the Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six.One 100 offered spin, spin and more spin to our playtesters. ", Karly - "The lack of torsional stability and plow through made it hard to be consistent with depth and power. Pro Staff Precision Team 100 Tennis Racket WILSON WR019210U3. If you stay on this website, you agree to the use of cookies. Watch; Wilson Pro Staff 97L 4 1/8. It was really easy to swing, whether I was going for a kick serve with a lot of spin or a powerful flat serve. The racquet also felt stable and solid. The weight left a little to be desired, with the lack of plow through sometimes causing stability and depth issues. Coated with a tour-inspired design, the Pro Staff Precision 103 shifts the balance toward the head of the racket for enhanced plow-through to complement its radiant precision. $150.00. For some time, we’ve had only the Roger Federer-inspired 90 square inch model or the Pete Sampras-styled 88 head size. All Rights Reserved. Touch is also abundant, as the flexible frame combines with Wilson’s Amplifeel handle system to give you all the “good vibrations” and communicate precisely what’s going on. ", Chris found the racquet to be very light and fast off the ground. Most of the team really liked the spin, power and stability on serve. Its basalt carbon fiber construction optimizes feel, while Perimeter Weighting System in the frame elevates torsional stability for added consistency. Description The Pro Staff Precision 100 affords advanced recreational players an excellent degree of precision and ball placement on every shot. ", Enjoying her ability to move the racquet around, but finding it to be lacking a little plow through, was Karly. I did not have any issues with stability, and the response at net improved for me when I switched from all poly strings to the poly/gut hybrid. While that wasn't the most consistent approach to returning a tough serve, it sure was fun! I know I can get more from this racquet with the addition of a little weight, but even in stock form I was serving well. NEW Wilson Pro Staff 97S Bumper and Grommet $7.99. unstrung (almost a full ounce less than the 95) for improved maneuverability and racquet head speed. Visit Other Sports Warehouse Websites Tennis Warehouse Europe  •  Tennis Only (Australia)  •  Running Warehouse  •  Running Warehouse Europe  •  Running Warehouse Australia  •  Skate Warehouse  •  Tackle WarehouseInline Warehouse  •  Ice Warehouse  •  Derby Warehouse  •  Racquetball Warehouse  •  Riding Warehouse  •  Total Pickleball, We use cookies to make our website and your shopping experience effective, secure and user-friendly. The wider beam takes away a little communication on impact, but it still flexes enough to let you know what the ball is doing. I felt really inconsistent controlling the depth if I slowed my swing speed slightly. They felt great and really soft, most likely due to the Amplifeel technology, which made it really arm friendly. Wilson Tennis 800-272-6060 NOTE: Add 1 foot to each measurement in the LENGTH column when using Co-Poly, Polyester or Kevlar strings. Baseline Play Watch; Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Laver Cup 2019 tennis racquet 4 3/8 Blue . This racquet just doesn’t take as good a swing to produce a successful shot. The arm friendliness and solid feel of this racquet made the adjustment period very, very easy. X. ", Granville - "Too light - I was unable to hit with normal pace. ", Karly - "I loved serving with this racquet. The only issue I had was with depth, but overall returns were solid. Mike: 5.0 baseliner with a semi-western forehand and two-handed backhand. The paint job will definitely catch your opponent’s eyes, the bright white with asymmetric red trim providing a distraction as it sweeps through the air (maybe Wilson should have another “is it legal” ad about this). The bumper guard has good depth, so you won’t have to worry about string damage for quite a while, even if you’re an active net player like me. Lots of control, and the light weight allows fast preparation helping a lot if you are an offensive player. The original graphite Pro Staff was 110 square inches; the 85, 95, and 125 sizes were developed from it. He said, "My favorite part of the playtest was hitting groundstrokes. The lack of an aerodynamic beam design gave me more wind resistance than a more modern frame design would, but control was excellent and the feel was soft. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. It’s a little thin, which allows for good feel of the handle’s bevels. Pre-Owned. I also found that because of the lack of plow through I was changing my follow through. The only difference for me was I generated more pace with the Pro Staff 100. ", Struggling on serve and wishing for a bit more weight was Granville. The Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six.One 100 is probably the best choice in the line for the majority of players, providing a little extra power and stability with little sacrifice in control. It was mostly positives for Mike. Package Contains: Pro Staff 95 BLX in limited 100 years livery (Unstrung) Premium molded cover bag. We strung our test racquet with Solinco Tour Bite mains and Pacific Prime Natural Gut at mid tension, and it really livened up the response. He offered, "I felt very consistent even when being aggressive. I could easily adjust to hit touch volleys or drop shots, too. Move over photo to zoom. I also loved how spin-friendly the racquet was. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Your California Privacy Rights | Accessibility*Price comparisons are based on the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price ("MSRP") or Original Selling Price. The BLX ProStaff Six.One 100 is not quite as much of a throwback as its smaller-headed siblings. Brand New. All in all, I found the frame to be well-done cosmetically, right down to the gold-accented butt cap. Smaller head sizes are around 85 square inches, and the biggest head sizes measure around 135 square inches; however, the majority have head sizes between 95 and 110 square inches. Call Us at 713-435-4800. He explained, "Maneuverability is a big part of the serve return equation, as I could get this racquet around on either side with plenty of time. When the ball wasn't hit in the dead center of the sweetspot it felt extremely unstable. Chris was quick with his racquet at net, saying, "Maneuverability was excellent, and it allowed me to react quickly, as well as add a little slice or snap at the last instant to change up my shot. The lightweight racquet comes pre-strung with the ever popular Wilson Sensation multifilament string. The maneuverable feel made this a great racquet for hitting with spin. A good thing. The 22mm beam also gives a little more power to all groundies, and offers quite a solid feel. ", Granville - "IMHO, the Pro Staff heritage should not exist in this space. This year, Wilson has expanded their traditional-styled racquet line. Copyright © Tennis Warehouse. I found improved comfort and more pop. Free shipping. Pro 'Foil' maybe. Time left 2d 23h left. If you want to learn more about our cookie policy click here. ", Most of the team really liked the spin, power and stability the Pro Staff BLX 100 provided on serve. You can swing it really quickly, producing a great deal of spin, and the flex takes some of the shock out without sacrificing feel. Overall, I didn't really have any complaints serving with this racquet. With this racquet Wilson delivers solid all-around performance at a great price. Now all skill levels can enjoy the popular pro staff look and feel with the Wilson Pro Staff Team Tennis Racquet. Is it a good fit for your game? I felt like I served very similarly with this racquet as I do with those two. I had to focus on making sure I had enough racquet head speed so I wasn't immediately put on the defensive. However, the racquet was very maneuverable. ", Granville agreed with Chris about the whipping ability of the BLX Pro Staff 100. $200.00. It is not a Pro Staff at 10.7 ounces. ", Granville struggled to find a rhythm but liked the maneuverability. He offered, "I was close to dismissing it as being too light for me, but I soon found I was playing well with it. Wilson is selling quite a few frames of this type. The beam width has been increased to 22mm (4mm wider than the 95, and 5mm wider than the 90),and the weight is down to 10.1 oz. Wilson Electronics Is 5G Ready In today's quickly emerging 5G world, our products continue to enhance cell signals for all phones and cellular-connected devices, on … 1 set Wilson Optimus String in Red (Limited edition) Wilson Advantage overgrip pack.

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