Mr. Michael Firmin

Michael Firmin is a member of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Augusta, Georgia. He is married to Bev for 41 years and is father to 9 and grandfather to 11 grandchildren. Mike’s educational background has been in theology and philosophy at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans and Catholic University in Washington, D.C. Mike received a call on his life to serve the poor in his early 20’s and this has been his life’s work. He started three organizations to serve the poor in Louisiana before moving to Georgia in 1981 to join the Alleluia Christian Community. He has been a member of this community for 34 years. Mike was the founding director of the Golden Harvest Food Bank, a non-profit organization to feed the poor. He recently retired from this position after 31 years, having built it into a work that feeds the poor in 30 counties in Georgia and South Carolina. After the breakup of the Soviet Union, Mike spearheaded an inter-church humanitarian relief effort to the newly-independent Republic of Georgia from 1993-2003. He sits on the boards of several non-profit organizations including SOS DRS, an international disaster relief agency. He gives retreats several times a year, and has extensive experience in leadership, mentoring and spiritual direction. Mike received his certificate in spiritual direction from Our Lady of Divine Providence School of Spirituality in Clearwater, Florida.